American Desert Grand Tour Map thumbnail
American Desert Grand Tour Map

A fictional bike race map through the American Southwest.

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John Griffin map thumbnail
John Griffin, Revolutionary War Soldier

A map depicting my ancestor's travels during the American Revolutionary War.

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Mapbox Reno thumbnail
Mapbox Studio

A reference map styled as "Midcentury Modern at Night."

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Africa physical features map thumbnail
Africa Physical Features

Reference map of Africa physical features using Natural Earth data.

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ESG long-form infographic thumbnail
ESG Infographic

An infographic about ESG and politics.

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Missouri in the Civil War thumbnail
Missouri in the Civil War

A bivariate choropleth map of 1860 Missouri showing where my ancestors lived.

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Pennsylvania map thumbnail
Pennsylvania Reference Map

A reference map of Pennsylvania with Points of Interest.

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Leaflet map thumbnail
Unemployment Rate of Large Metro Areas (Leaflet)

An interactive map of large metropolitan areas, created in Leaflet.

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Nevada map-chart thumbnail
Nevada Election Results (D3)

An interactive map and chart of 2020 Nevada election results, created in D3.

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